No Strings Attached

The life is full of restriction and limitation so called as a lot strings attached on us. Since you are child you are started to restrict to do that and do this. When you were schooling, you started restrict by the rules and regulations which so called as discipline. When you started to work, there are even more game rules for your job. And as you getting older, your son or daughther can even set rules for you to control your all action. You can not really act as what you desire to act.

However, absolute freedom doesn't bring all the advantages to you and to the world. Human always need the rules and acts to control their behavior. If once day, the absolute freedom is given to everyone, the world may just fall in one day. We wish to have freedom but before we get the freedom we need to learn how to appreciate the freedom. The people don't know how to appreciate thing, he or she is not deserved to get something that so precious. Just imagine that if there is not rules and polices one day, all the people may just get crazy and simply conduct crime everywhere. Even your are going to be threatened by all those crime. Rules and acts are used to protect the people life and their assets.

The actual freedom we can get is just freedom that not going to hurt other people such as freedom to talk but not insult people. Freedom to think, freedom to move and freedom to talk by own free will. We need to get the freedom. You deserved to have freedom and strings attached on you as you know how to appreciate it.

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My Favourite Sport

Sport is kinda a strange word for me before I entered University. I start to play badminton in my first year in UCSI. I played because some of my friends are the badminton lover. Although they have taught me how to play but I still not really good in playing badminton. I just played it for fun and not really so frequently. In the 2nd and 3rd year of university life, I started to busy for my study, assignment, lab report and many many stuffs which was really decrease my time in playing badminton. Therefore, my badminton not only no improve but is getting worst. hahaha.... I may not have the talent in playing badminton.

Recently, I love to jog. This can said as my current favourite sport. I started to jog in this year because that time my friends all were joining the nuffnang tiger run. They use to practice jogging in Alam Damai and I also followed them. At first I really hate to jog because I not really exercise frequently. After I jogged, I feel my body like tear apart and of course few days pain after the jogging. However, I can feel the effect of jooging on body weight reduction. It really can reduce the body weight, make me healthier and fit. So I determined to go for jogging and keep it on at least twice per week. However, recently it will be harder for me to find the jogging companions as everyone is busy for their viva and final exam. Even I am busing for my study as well. It has decrease my available time to jog. But nevermind, I can get the chance to jog after the exam and I hope won't to get lazy when I got the chance to jog... :)

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I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

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What i had did during 2010 CNY???
"erhemHEM.....Chinese New Year pass so long already...y haven blog about CNY post???
 so busy???dun tell me u r busy!!! waiting for this post so long already..." said my bro.
HUH!!!! you think i so free here??? write one post take me a half day.
hahahaha....Actually, i am lazy to upload the photo. Sorry lovely bro!!!
A lot of photos to upload. Somemore, the stupid streamyx, so lag here!!!!!

Firstly, i want to post the CNY day by day de. But, since it pass so long already.....i just sum up what i had did during CNY.

# CNY eve
As usual, we had lunch at my mother side. Then, started pack our stuff, prepared to back Melaka. We had steambot as our reunion dinner.

Very familiar with this T-shirt??? was complimentary from Tiger Run. I love this very much...

After dinner, i had meeting among the cousins to discuss the activities to do during this CNY.  Prizing ceremony to be given to those who are 21 year old.

# CNY Day 1

Wake up early in the morning. The first thing to do was "Cham Cha" to my parent. After that, waiting all my uncle and aunty to come. As usual, all of the kids (inclde me la!!!) had to "Cham Cha" to all those elders. After that was photo section.

My family

My lovely mommy and daddy. Love both of u so much!!!~~~muakzzzz~~~~

My uncle's family

My youngest uncle's family

My daddy n his sisters aka my aunt

My kakak. She stays with us almost 7 year already. She is part of my family already.

My youngest brother. He was trying his new shoe.

Then, continue our journey to visit all our aunties and uncles. What a tiring day!!!

Any different between this two photo???
Above: taken on CNY 2009 ; Downt: Taken on CNY 2010
Look different?? A bit chubby right??? i know that!!!~~~I gain weight~~~OMG!!!

Surprise what my brother look at???

Can find me at this photo??? i am the second at the first row. Look ugly at that position right???i also dunno what i was doing there.

Can u imagine....visit all ur aunties and uncles just in one daddy has 4 sisters and 5 bothers....A very big family...Very very very tired!!!
As following our schedule, we had our movie at 11pm....OMG!!! i was so so tired already...

All's Well, Ends Well 2010
Due to i was so tired, i slept in the cinema. Although i can hear a lot of laugh surrounding me, but i was very tired. My eyes cannot open at all...Feel very very heavy. Actually this is not my first time already!!!hehehe...

To be continue... 
No Sweat

Have you all feel hot weather recently? The highest temperature can be ever reached to 40 degree celsius. The high heat radiation of the sun is the factor that causing me sweating a lot especially when I wear formal. As the pharmacy student, we have been requested to wear the formal all the time whenever attending the lecture or clerkship which mean most of the time we are wearing those thick formal shirt all the time under the hot sun. This definitely increases the intensity of my sweating. Even I sweat a lot, I still not really facing the heavy sweating as the other. Some may sweat like heavy rain. Tick...Tick...Tick~~~!!! The 'tick-tick' sound you can be heard when someone with heavy sweat problem walks into the class under the hot sun.

Since we can't resist wearing formal, so what we can do is try to find other methods to control our perspiration. There are various ways you can control your perspiration. If you are rich, you can get a driver to send you to school so you do not even need to spare a time under such killing people hot sun. If you are not affordable to hire a driver, you can also try the alternative which use umbrella to block the sunlight. The umbrella can block the sunlight but not really can block the heat radiation from the sun. That's why it is just an alternative way for the poor people like me. Sometime, the short distance of the path toward the school under the sun will be seem like a few hundred kilometers for me to walk. Even there are some people try to use the deodorant to control their sweating problem which has been found that cost-effective. It is another method to try to control the sweating.

Eventhough I do not like sweating when I wear formal but I do enjoy sweating when I am exercising. Why? This is due to the sweating is a body detoxification mechanism, it will help to eliminate the toxic remain in our body. The toxic will be excreted as urea form. The sweat content primarily of water and dissolved substances such as sodium chloride (which we know as salt), urea (excreted toxic from the body) and also the other chemical (such as odorant). For the people with the hypertension, excreted of the salt through sweating can help to improve antihypertensive condition.

Conclusion, I just hate to sweat when I wear formal. I know that there is impossible to totally no sweat but I really hope that I won't sweat when I am wearing formal.


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I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant
Yo~~~~ another new event from nuffnang. Happy to hear that!!!
 This time, the event is collaboration with Gatsby.
I think all of you what is Gatsby, right?
Now, the company releases the new products:
 Deodorant perfume spray and Deodorant roll-on type.

Deodorant perfume spray

Deodorant roll-on type.

Actually, i didn't use this brand before. Once i heard this brand, i assume this product is for men!!! But, after visit their website, i realise that they also have product for women. What a surprise!!!! To promote these new products, they have organise a Street Fair. There will be a lot of exciting fun-fair games on that day such as Sumo Wrestling ( in air bag suits! ), gladiator battles and other amusing and addictive games. Besides, there are going to be lucky draws and we have various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 to grabs! 

The super fun Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair happening on:

Date: 17th April 2010

Time: 10am till 5pm

Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

What are you waiting for??? Make an appointment with U on that day!!! Don't miss this event....C u there!!!!!

*Any further information, you can visit :
My Favourite Surfing Spot

Normally, where will you surfing? home? work place? cyber cafe? school? or computer lab? More than 10 years ago, I still remember there was not really much choice for internet providers. The 2 dominant internet providers were TMnet and Jaring. Sound familiar? If really, then you must have try this 2 internet providers before. If not, just go to google and goggle it. At that time, the speed of internet connection just up to 56 kbs and with the old type dial up modem. Till now I still can remember the sound when the modem started to dial up. Due to old technology, the connection to the internet had just limited to the home, table and seat. You can't even move away from the dial up modem to connect to the internet. So, that time we really do not have much choices to choose our favourite surfing spot. 

However, now is totally different. We have WIFI now which allow us to online in any places. Just with a WIFI modem or broadband like P1 w1max, we can just online in any place. You can choose the place and spot you like to online. You can just carry your laptop to anywhere to online. My favourite surfing spot is on my own bed. Why? I can surfing and lying on the bed comfortly. Where you can find the other place as so comfortable than your bed? The other adventage is I can even sleep on bed if I feel tired or sleepy. You can say I am lazy but I really love to online on my bed.  

When I am not at home, I prefer to online in Big Apple. I can enjoy my favourite coffee and donut while surfing the facebook. Share my feeling and mood with everyone from the world. With the nice environment in Big Apple, I can really enjoy the joy of surfing the internet.

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