No Strings Attached

The life is full of restriction and limitation so called as a lot strings attached on us. Since you are child you are started to restrict to do that and do this. When you were schooling, you started restrict by the rules and regulations which so called as discipline. When you started to work, there are even more game rules for your job. And as you getting older, your son or daughther can even set rules for you to control your all action. You can not really act as what you desire to act.

However, absolute freedom doesn't bring all the advantages to you and to the world. Human always need the rules and acts to control their behavior. If once day, the absolute freedom is given to everyone, the world may just fall in one day. We wish to have freedom but before we get the freedom we need to learn how to appreciate the freedom. The people don't know how to appreciate thing, he or she is not deserved to get something that so precious. Just imagine that if there is not rules and polices one day, all the people may just get crazy and simply conduct crime everywhere. Even your are going to be threatened by all those crime. Rules and acts are used to protect the people life and their assets.

The actual freedom we can get is just freedom that not going to hurt other people such as freedom to talk but not insult people. Freedom to think, freedom to move and freedom to talk by own free will. We need to get the freedom. You deserved to have freedom and strings attached on you as you know how to appreciate it.

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  1. Wen Pink Says:

    so many ppl are writing this post.. guess it's really happening.. good luck!!

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