What i had did during 2010 CNY???
"erhemHEM.....Chinese New Year pass so long already...y haven blog about CNY post???
 so busy???dun tell me u r busy!!! waiting for this post so long already..." said my bro.
HUH!!!! you think i so free here??? write one post take me a half day.
hahahaha....Actually, i am lazy to upload the photo. Sorry lo....my lovely bro!!!
A lot of photos to upload. Somemore, the stupid streamyx, so lag here!!!!!

Firstly, i want to post the CNY day by day de. But, since it pass so long already.....i just sum up what i had did during CNY.

# CNY eve
As usual, we had lunch at my mother side. Then, started pack our stuff, prepared to back Melaka. We had steambot as our reunion dinner.

Very familiar with this T-shirt??? haha...it was complimentary from Tiger Run. I love this very much...

After dinner, i had meeting among the cousins to discuss the activities to do during this CNY.  Prizing ceremony to be given to those who are 21 year old.

# CNY Day 1

Wake up early in the morning. The first thing to do was "Cham Cha" to my parent. After that, waiting all my uncle and aunty to come. As usual, all of the kids (inclde me la!!!) had to "Cham Cha" to all those elders. After that was photo section.

My family

My lovely mommy and daddy. Love both of u so much!!!~~~muakzzzz~~~~

My uncle's family

My youngest uncle's family

My daddy n his sisters aka my aunt

My kakak. She stays with us almost 7 year already. She is part of my family already.

My youngest brother. He was trying his new shoe.

Then, continue our journey to visit all our aunties and uncles. What a tiring day!!!

Any different between this two photo???
Above: taken on CNY 2009 ; Downt: Taken on CNY 2010
Look different?? A bit chubby right??? i know that!!!~~~I gain weight~~~OMG!!!

Surprise what my brother look at???

Can find me at this photo??? i am the second at the first row. Look ugly at that position right???i also dunno what i was doing there.

Can u imagine....visit all ur aunties and uncles just in one day....my daddy has 4 sisters and 5 bothers....A very big family...Very very very tired!!!
As following our schedule, we had our movie at 11pm....OMG!!! i was so so tired already...

All's Well, Ends Well 2010
Due to i was so tired, i slept in the cinema. Although i can hear a lot of laugh surrounding me, but i was very tired. My eyes cannot open at all...Feel very very heavy. Actually this is not my first time already!!!hehehe...

To be continue... 
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5 Responses
  1. eugene_chan Says:

    really a month long ago XP
    btw, i not watch fa tian hei shi yet.

  2. Nikel Khor Says:

    so long time cny lor..but i din seen u tiger run there d..wakaka

  3. KwOnG FeI Says:

    i also haven write my Cameron trip during CNY
    btw cam cha.. wa.. i think my family only practice when wedding only..

  4. Brian Says:

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