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Sport is kinda a strange word for me before I entered University. I start to play badminton in my first year in UCSI. I played because some of my friends are the badminton lover. Although they have taught me how to play but I still not really good in playing badminton. I just played it for fun and not really so frequently. In the 2nd and 3rd year of university life, I started to busy for my study, assignment, lab report and many many stuffs which was really decrease my time in playing badminton. Therefore, my badminton not only no improve but is getting worst. hahaha.... I may not have the talent in playing badminton.

Recently, I love to jog. This can said as my current favourite sport. I started to jog in this year because that time my friends all were joining the nuffnang tiger run. They use to practice jogging in Alam Damai and I also followed them. At first I really hate to jog because I not really exercise frequently. After I jogged, I feel my body like tear apart and of course few days pain after the jogging. However, I can feel the effect of jooging on body weight reduction. It really can reduce the body weight, make me healthier and fit. So I determined to go for jogging and keep it on at least twice per week. However, recently it will be harder for me to find the jogging companions as everyone is busy for their viva and final exam. Even I am busing for my study as well. It has decrease my available time to jog. But nevermind, I can get the chance to jog after the exam and I hope won't to get lazy when I got the chance to jog... :)

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