Sizzling Stonegrill @ Aeon Jusco Malacca
Huh~~~  it been long time i didn't update my blog!!!! What i am busy for???i also, i gonna to introduce some foods. Try sizzling mee before?? try sizzling steamboat before?? i think most of u had try before. How about SIZZLING STONEGRILL??? try before?? you must grill your food (uncooked) onto a very very very hot stone prior to consumed. Interesting!! The cafe is located at Aoen Jusco Malacca Shopping (The jusco is claimed that the biggest jucso in Malaysia now).

There were a lot of people dining in, so we had to wait to be served. We waited almost 30minute. While waiting, my brothers and my cousins decided what to had for their dinner.
There are variety of foods.

While waiting for dinner, both of my little brother and cousin enjoy theis drinks. All of us were very very very hungry after a day of shopping.
Spaghetti RM 9.90
Grilled fish fillet RM 19.50
All of the foods are uncooked. You need to grilled by yourself prior to consume.
 Grilled chicken skewer RM 14.90
Grilled mixed imported seafoods. RM 39.90
This set is quite big for me. The scallop are very huge. My brother so enjoy for that.

Grilled chicken RM 13.90
All of us are busy to cook their food.
charlene and cousin

It is a good try if you did not try before.

 For me, i like the enviroment and the foods quite nice. But, my brother complains that the portion is small and not enough for him.(hahahahaha.....)

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10 Responses
  1. Supia Chao Says:

    I like the environment a lot. Very stone age feel. I tried grill chicken and spicy salmon Spaghetti. Both very nice. Hope to try the grill fish soon.

  2. Baby Says:

    i dun is a good choice if you are extremely hungry, almost want to faint type

  3. WorknCanada Says:

    Wow... Foods are yummy delicious. :D

  4. Ola. . . I wanna devour your foods. Wanna share? LOL. :D

  5. fakhruddin Says:

    Wow that looks delicious ~_~

  6. kisahremaja Says:

    the prawn looks so delicious....yummy....

  7. Charlene Says:

    @ Supia: the fish normal onli...i love the grilled chicken skewer and chicken marianted. i will also visit there again.

    @ Baby: coz tis is the first time been there n i din try tis kinkd of food just wait there ....heheh...but no next time!!hahaha

    @ WorknCanada, WorknCanada, Money, Fakhruddin, Kisahremaja: the foods are delicious n yummy!!!U all may hav a try at there...hehehe...


  8. ai wei Says:

    hmmm, portions do look a little small ooo

  9. Anonymous Says:

    there is few more branch at jb...
    charlene...why no next time? maybe i can help u?

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