I Just Love Good Smelling People
Good smelling people mean a man who has a good smell??? who has a good odour??? When you walk around such as shopping, you smell someone beside you have bad smelling...what will you do??? close your nose with finger??? or just escape away??? or pretend didn't smell anything???

Hahahaha.....i try that bad experience before. One day, i went to condo to find my friends for assignment. All the lifs were under contruction, only one lif can be use~~~~what a BAD DAY~~~~I had no choice to wait the only lif to 21 floors. You can imagine that a small lif to accomodate around 15 people??? very very squeeze and pack!!!!!! WTF...the odour and smelling form the people inside.......................it make me feel vomit and queasy. I hold my breath ( almost suffocated ) until 21 floors.

All of them aren't a good choice to protect our right to smell a good odour from the people around us. So what can we do??? If you really love the good smelling people...at first you yourself must be a good smelling people. If not how can you encourage or advise the other to get off from those bad smelling???

So, what can we do to maintain or preserve our good smell???Of course taking bath frequently is a good ways to prevent the bad smell. However, when you are not at home or just right after exercise, what can you do to prevent the bad smelling "grow" from your body??? Perfume....yup...it definitely a way to keep your smelling good for long day. However, some people odour can interact with the perfume smell which may develop even worst smell. Not only that, some people can be allergy to the perfume smell and cause the allergic reaction. Therefore, currently there is some products in the market which can help you to get rid from those odour which is deodorant. The design of deodorant is quite stylish even me also can't recognise it as the deodorant as first I saw it. So, you won't feel embarrass when you bring deodorant along with you. It is convenient to carry it around and easy to use.

So just remember if you love good smelling people, at first you must a be a good smelling people.

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  1. kenwooi Says:

    oh another topic.. all the best =)

  2. erwinator Says:

    funny and true! try breathing through your mouth so you won't suffocate. hehehe :-)

  3. Samuel Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! ;)

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