My Dream in the Year of the Tiger
What will be your dream if you are given the chance to achieve it?

For me as the new blogger, I would like to have a new camera which is a DSLR camera. Either canon or nikon will do for me. From my view, a success blog must be have a lot of nice pictures which can attract more people to visit the blog. I am not complaining about my old camera which is just 5 megapixel, but seriously I think this is my turn to change the camera.

Olympus Pen
Canon or Nikon???

Which one I will choose? I am still working on it. If anyone got any comment or suggestion please do let me know. I really wish that will have the chance to have a new camera, so that I can polish up my photo taking skill.

Tiger...Can you help me to achieve it? :)

Other than camera, I also dream that I can have trip with my family to Australia. Why I am choosing Australia? For further study? For the nice environment there? Not really, just because I never been there before and quite a number of my friends have been studied there. I really hope one day can travel to Australia and pay them a visit. Of couse, I still need the new camera to capture every precious moment when I spent with my family and friends. Sound great?

So, Mr. Tiger can you help me to achieve my dream?

I think Mr. Tiger is getting bored as many people keep asking him such question. So, let me stop here and go for running training. Hope there still got chance for me to achieve my dream.

Tiger~~~!!! ROAR~~~~!!!
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  1. oh, cc, u and vun are pakat is it? haha~~ y 3 of u share the same dream ~~ ^^ anyway, canon and nikon are both good, but just need to compare the models between the same level camera, depends whether is semi-pro, beginner or amateur or pro camera ^^ hav to go and play and try the camera, only will know~~ the "feel" is important~~ keek

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