Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid
Hey, my sorry for the delay. I know you all waiting for such a long time for this post. Basically, this post was before the CNY. We had a great shopping before the CNY ( you all know de la...gals like to shopping, right? gals will buy whatever they love, right?? i am a gal, love shopping very much....everytime after shopping, SURE BANKURP!!! ). We went to Sunway Pyramid after our class. If not mistaken, all of us felt excited. We arrived there about 3 pm, then started our SHOPPING!!!!!!
Hooi Hoon , Chie Chek
Wei Jie, Yen Yi, Yee San, Charlene, Hooi Hoon wish you all:
Choosing their new shoes.
Chie Chek is the only guy among us. He was our maid. His responsible was to take care our belonging and carried our " 战利品". HAHAHAHA.....
 Yen Yi, what are u doing there??? so "YING"!!!!
 Time pass very fast, we even didn't realised. We decided to take our dinner at Pasta Zanmai located near the Asian Avenue ( New Wing ).
Suk Yen was so happy. I know she was hungry at that time. Me too!!!!!
Chie Chek, Yen Yi, Hooi Hoon, Suk Yen
Wei Jie and Charlene. " Thumb Up " for the fruit tea. I love that very must. You can share among friends.
Charlene ( That's ME!!!! )
There are variety of pasta to choose. But the taste of pasta is different with the western pasta. Some sort like.......hmmmm....i dunno how to describe. You may have a try there. But, i think you won't be regret. The price a bit high la.  I am sure to go there again!!!!... Wink...

p/s: Sorry...i have forget the name of the foods and price already. It is on the range of RM 15 - RM 20. There also provide mini set ( 2 mini main courses). The mini set can be share by 2 person.

After the dinner, we continue our shopping untill 10pm. Walau....we really "geng" !!! I selute for myself......All of us back home happily. ( But i think they had "heart pain" for the next day; same to me ~~~~BANKURP!!!!! )
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  1. Nikel Khor Says: pretty gal..kekeke...nice

    from Nikel Khor

  2. erwinator Says:

    I think I know how that Chie Chek feels, I have two sisters. lol!

  3. kisahremaja Says:

    the fruit tea looks so delicious.... yummy...

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