X-cut @ Mid Valley

Busy for your life???
No time to cut your hair???
Why not spending only 15 minute on your lunch time for the cut???
 X-cut, heard before? I think most people had heard it or saw before. For those stay at KL who often go Mid Valley, you will see this shop just right beside the ticket counter. X-cut which is stands for EXPRESS CUT. It is an express haircut concept from A Cut Above. X-cut provide a cut and style just in 15 minutes, for only RM 16.

Now, i gonna to introduce about this: 

1. This is the machine in front of the shop. You have to pay the money first before to be serve.

2.Chie Chek is decided which style to chose.

 3. Next, you pay the money (exact money, if not, not refundable; You can exchange with the stylist if you don't have small money).
4. You will be given a card. Then, wait to be serve.
5.The stylist is very friendly. He or She will consult you about what hair style suit for you.

Chie Chek
Wan Nah

Before and  After. Look great???

Latest trend!!!
Express ( Only 15 min )!!!
One price ( OnlyRM16 )!!!
Experience stylist from A Cut Above!!!
Using new comb and towel ( hygine purpose )!!!

EEE....forget to tell you: You will be give a card for your first time there to collect the stamps. After completing 4 haircuts, the fully stamped card entitles you to one free haircut.
So, RM 16 x 4 divided by 5 = RM12.8 per cut ( cheap, right?? )

Why not have a try at there???
7 Responses
  1. kenwooi Says:

    this is interesting.. the way they let you select the hairstyle if cool =D

  2. kRaZy Says:

    lol i don't dare to try..if I get a bad haircut, I will have to bear with it at least 1-2 months =( dun play play haha..

  3. Nikel Khor Says:

    x-cut is fast..nice touch

    from Nikel Khor

  4. kisahremaja Says:

    bro.... nice hair cut....

  5. kisahsensasi Says:

    good option .... it will help u in a hurry....

  6. KwOnG FeI Says:

    wa.. i never have friends who tried it before..
    CC will be the first..
    so, u got 2 stamps alrdy..
    next round is YOU yeah.. wanna see the outcome

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i just came from Midvalley X-cut yesterday afternoon!
    is a such a bad service Barber shop i went before!
    the gold color short hair style girl like shit!
    not professional enaugh!
    and my hair now both side not balance and last night back to home i still need to cut some "long" hair left behind !

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