Trip to Cameron Highlands - Day 2
The first destination, Green View Garden. Nothing much to see at there. Only vegetables farm, flowers and a small cafe. Hydroponic farming is a famous method that use to grow vegetables in Cameron Highlads. The plants were putted inside a growing plant solutions which enriched with nutrients and minerals.

Next, we went to Rose Centre. The entrance fee: RM 5 (aldult) , RM 3 (child). The enviroment there was very nice. There were lots of colourful stone sculptures which blended well with the landscaping. Besides, we enjoyed the splendour rose blooming of 100 over varieties in every imaginable colour. Wow, the roses were so so so beautiful......

A spectacular panoramic view of Kea Farm from the Rose Centre. A must visit place!!!!

Cactus Valley- There were variety of cactus and potted plants to see.

After that, we went to Big Red Straeberry Farm. This farm was very big with potted plants, gardening tools, pots, flower seeds, fertilizers, hydroponically farm, cafeteria, gift centre and game centre.

We had our lunch at there. I had fresh strawberry milkshake and waffles with ice-cream as my lunch. Anyone know what is butterhead?? Try it as juice before?? The famous juice at there was butterhead juice. i can saw that every family or couples went there sure will treat themselve by this juice... me also!!! Hmmm....the taste was awesome!!!! very juicy and "nice" to drink...maybe it was not my cup of juice; Anyway, my family enjoy that.

Cameron Valley Tea plantation- No trip is complete without a trip to tea plantation. The view overlooking the plantation is something you never see in elsewhere. The views was beautiful like the GIANT GREEN CARPET cover all over the mountain. Fantastic!!!! We were so tired at time and had a tea-break at there.

Another famous tea platation, Boh Tea Plantation. The road leading to the tea garden was narrow.

After this, we went back to Hotel for a rest. At night, we went to night market at Brinchang town. It was a major tourist attraction as there were lots of stalls that sold local goods such as vegetables, fruits, snacks, clothes, flowers and souveniours. We also had our dinner at there while enjoyed the local street snacks. Pearl jagung can also called as Cameron jagung. It was very famous. I love JAGUNG very much!!! If not mistaken, i ate jagung everyday. I bought it wherever it sold. Yamie...Yamie...

I bought myself some roses since it was so cheap....

Then, end the first day at Cameron Highlands.

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