Trip to Cameron Highlands - Day 3
Wake up early in the morning. No morning call. No alarm. Can't sleep well throughout the night. I had strawberries and a cup of coffee as my breakfast. Perfect match??hahahaha...Look at the picture below, the strawberries look nice???look tasty??? The answer was: it looked beautiful, but they were sour!!! hmmm...HMmm....very very very sour....i had no choice...Force to settle them!!!

After breakfast, we packed our stuff then check-out. Then we went to the Day Market which near the hotel  to buy some fresh vegetables, fruits and jagung. Guess what is the green colour fruits?? Like watermelon?? That is Cameron Apple.

Next, we went to Ee Fung Gu Apiary. There had a beautiful landscaped garden, indoor bee hive maze, souvenir shop, and cafe. 

That was honey yogurt and honey milk shake. The taste was quite nice and i love the honey milk shake very much. After a short tea break, we went to Rose Valley. The enterance fee was RM5 per person. There were variety of flowers included roses, sunflowers, orchids, cactus and etc.

Look at that cactus...GUESS how old is it??? It is 41 year old!!!

We spent about one and the half hours at there due to the garden was quite big and had a lots of thing to look. On the way back to Melaka, we had our lunch at Tringkap. Finally, we reached home at night.

I bought myself some roses and a pot of cactus. The cactus look so cute and i named them KIKOies. Curious why i called them like this??? IT IS A SECRET......

I had a nice trip at Cameron Highlands. Hope to visit again. ~~~~MUAK!!!~~~~

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