My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记

Recently, facial masks are very HOT in Malaysia especially My Beauty Diary. My Beauty Diary Mask (我的美丽日记面膜) is the top selling mask in Taiwan and is introduced by President Company with the mission of "Prettier Each Day". Yeah~~!!! i LOVE this...My Beauty Diary provides a wide selection of masks that suits different skin types. This selection aims to restoring a delicate, young and fair skin. My housemate (Cindy)introduces this brand to me. She said My Beauty Diary is very economic and good to use. She gave me 4 different types of mask to try. After i tried, its effects were quite good. My face looked more fair and moisture. So, i decided to buy all type of masks to try. Now, i am going to comment each type of masks .

1. 黑珍珠面膜 Black Pearl Mask
特色: 极致润白,弹力透亮 Softens, whitens skin, restores skin's resilience and radiance
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,特推荐缺乏光泽与弹力肌肤 Suitable for normal skin, recommended for dull skin lacking elasticity

Comment: I love this so much!!! After use, i can see my face more radiance.....

2. 珍珠粉奈米面膜 Pearl Powder Mask

特色: 润白,滋养肌肤 Softens, whitens, activates and nourishes skin
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤暗沉、受损肌肤 Suitable for dull and damaged skin

Comment: This one so so only....Black pearl better!!!

3. 纳豆面膜 Natto Mask

特色: 高效锁水保湿,水润光泽肌肤 Highly effective in moisture retention, offers nourishment and radiance to skin
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤暗沉缺乏弹力缺水肌肤 Suitable for normal skin, especially dull skin that lack of elasticity and moisture

Comment: Yeah~~~~Natto mask is very good in moisture retention. Normally, i use this mask after treat my pimples. When treat pimples, control oil products are used ( will cause your skin become dry )...So, when pimples are recover, this mask can help to moisture your dry skin. :>
4. 红酒多酚面膜 Red Wine Mask
特色: 抗氧化清除自由基,收敛促进微循环 Anti-oxidant, clears up free radicals toning, promotes micro metabolism
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤松弛暗沉肌肤 Suitable for normal skin, especially sagged and dull skin
Comment: Well...allergy to alcohol may not suitable to this type. Try it on your hand before using. If feel itchy and got redness on hand, DONOT use!!! Basically, this mask quite good to use. But, i not really like due to its odour...a bit synthetic!!!hehehehe...My mom love it o!!!
5. 苹果多酚面膜 Apple Polyphenol Mask

特色: 长效紧致毛孔,保湿悠滑,弹性紧实 Moisturizing, smoothing, firming

适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤毛孔粗大肤质 Suitable for normal skin, especially skin with enlarged pores

Comment: I LOVE this too!!! This can refine pores o...For me,it does!! Cindy also like this too....

6. 保加利亚白玫瑰奈米面膜 Bulgarian White Rose Mask

特色: 透亮白皙,水嫩柔肤,保湿悠滑,弹性紧实 Offer radiance with translucent, glowing look of skin and give softening and moisturizing effect

适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤暗沉缺光泽肌肤 Suitable for normal skin, especially dull skin
Comment: Super hydrating mask!!! The skin feel more moistured....

7. 优酪乳面膜 Yogurt Mask

特色: 抑油修护,保湿滋润 Reduces sebum secretion, repairing, moisturizing, nourishing skin

适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤油性肌肤,除敏感干性肌肤 Recommended for oily skin
Comment: I used it when i got pimples...It really can control oil....
8. 冰心活氧奈米面膜 Cooling Mask
特色: 清凉醒肤,舒缓保湿 Cools, soothes and nourishes skin
适用肤质: 一般肌肤 Suitable for all skin types
Comment: Put in the refrigerator before use...You can feel the cool sensation throughout your skin...

9. Q10酵素奈米面膜 Q10 Rejuvenating Mask
特色: 柔白紧致换肤,滋润舒缓,弹性紧实 Rejuvenates skin with soft, whiten and firm look
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤松弛老化肌肤 Suitable for normal skin, especially aging skin that lack of elasticity
Comment: Firm and lift your face....Not bad...
10. 清酒酒粕奈米面膜 Sake Yeast Mask
特色: 白嫩无瑕,晶莹剔透肌肤 Moisturizes skin, improves dry appearance and texture of skin
适用肤质: 一般肌肤 Suitable for normal skin. Recommended for aging skin
Comment: Hmm...ok only...
11. 芦荟奈米面膜 Aloe Mask
特色: 保湿修护,润泽肌肤 Moisturizes, repairs, revitalizes and nourishes skin
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤干燥、受损肌肤 Suitable for normal skin. Recommended for dry and damaged skin
Comment: I like the most!!!! My scare of pimples become lighter.

12. 精米胜月太奈米面膜 Intensive Peptides Mask
特色: 润泽,角质再生修护 Offers multiple effect in resilience, revitalizes and repairs
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤老化肌肤 Suitable for normal skin. Recommended for aging skin
Comment: I used this once a week...Quite good...
13. 普罗旺斯薰衣草面膜 Provence Lavender Mask
特色: 舒压柔敏,保湿润泽 Stress releasing, sensitivity calming, moisturizing
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,敏感肌肤亦适用 Suitable for normal and sensitive skin
Comment: Sensitive skin can used...You will feel relax after use it..

14. 草莓优酪面膜 Strawberry Yogurt Mask
特色: 净白,细致,零油光 Deep cleansing, oil controlling
适用肤质: 一般肤质及混合性肌肤使用 Suitable for normal and combination skin
Comment: Same like yogurt mask....
15. 巧克力多酚面膜 Chocolate Polyphenol Mask
特色: 活肤滋养,去角质,抗衰老化 Delicate, radiant and firm
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤晦暗粗糙、缺乏弹性肌肤 For dull rough skin that lacks resilience
Comment: not see any effect after use....>.<
16. 日本吉野櫻花面膜 Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask
特色: 柔白,亮颜 Lightening effect
适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤倦怠、晦暗肌肤 Suitable for normal skin especially dull skin

Comment: Ok lo....

17. 复合莓果面膜 Mixed Berry Mask

特色: 匀亮,紧致 Offer radiance with translucent and firming

适用肤质: 一般肌肤,尤倦怠、晦暗肌肤 Suitable for normal especially dull skin

Comment: My skin become a bit fair after use it...

You can choose the types that suit for your skin accordingly:

Moisturising: Natto Mask

Whitenning: Sake, Red Wine, Pearl Powder, Rose, Black Pearl Mask.


Firming: Q10 Mask.


Regenerating: Aloe Vera, Rice Mask.


Refining: Apple, Yogurt, Rice Mask.


Oil Control: Yogurt Mask.


efreshing: Cooling, Lavender Mask.

How to use:
Before use, please apply some of the mask serum onto you hand to check whether you have allergy on it or not...If you feel itchy and redness on hand...STOP using it...
First, wash your face thoroughly with cleansing cream. Then apply toner. After that, apply the mask on face. The excess essence from the packaging may be applied on the neck. Wait for 20 mins, then remove the mask and massage your face gently. Rinsing is not required. You may continue apply serum, moisturizer and etc.

*If use daily, do not repeat the same type of mask.

Conclusion: My Beauty Diary mask is quite good to use. It is cheap, economic,and effective to use. For me, this mask is effordable and can use daily...wink!!!
" Prettier Each Day"

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