No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009
There will be a party organised by the Mister Potato and nuffnang which is known as Mister Potato Fiesta 2009. To get the entry to attend the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009, you have to enter and register. After register in the misterpotato web site, you will have to take the 8 different challenges or tests from the Mister Potato. Basically, the challenges will improve your knowledge about Mister Potato and how they preserve their quality. Hey friend, why not take action today? Just take the chances participate in the competition of dressed up as Mister Potato. The 50 photos with the most votes will be get a pair of tickets to participate in the fiesta. Take action now, so you will not regret later!

So now, I would like to express why I do not compromise the quality in my potato chips.

Let's we take a look of some pictures.
There is a potato chips on some where rocks...and Mr CC want to get the chips without consider his own safety...

OMG~~~!!! It is so far away from him and his hand was too short to reach the potato how???

He never think about his safety...what in his mind is to get the crunchy potato chips...So he decides to jump and jump from 1 rock to the other rock in order to nearer the potato chips...
He is step and step closer to the potato chips and will he able to save the quality of the potato chips and the fate of the potato chips from leaving on a random rock on the river???
Finally, he showed his smile and he able to not to compromise the quality of the potato chips...The destiny of the potato chips has been changed...and it's have been save by Mr. CC...
So what can I say about that??? My friend will able to risk his life in order to save the life and fate of the potato chips...The future of the potato chips have been changed and the great quality of potato chips have been preserved... The Mister Potato chips have been protected and remained as tasty, crunchy and nice as everyone...
No Compromise - Mister Potato

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