Wii - Make you crazy!!!
Wii,what is that??? It is a video game system made by Nintendo. It has an unique interface that forces player to get involved in the game. YEAH!!! you can feel it and experience it. For me as a girl, Wii is a perfect video game system to do exercise. Unlike traditional video game systems that offer game play through a game pad or joystick with no physical interaction between the player.

So, why is it called "Wii" ??Think about that before??? hehe...

"Wii" is pronounced as "WE" which implies it's for everyone.

This game is suitable for everyone no matter how old are you. You can play with you lovely daddy, mommy, sibling and friends. It also a tool to increase the bonding between you and your familiy or friends. There are variety of games you can choose to play like tennis, boxing, football, car racing, and etc. You can play all the outdoor games just inside your house. You even can do yoga with Wii. Isn't it looks great???????

I would like to share my experience with Wii video game here:

There are variety of games to play.

Wei Jie is teaching wilfred how to use play the game.

Finally the game start.

Chie Chek is so concentrate while playing the game.

You also will feel excited when watch your friends playing.

"THUMB UP" for Wii!!!!!

Wii looks great right???
What are you waiting for???

Faster go to grab your own Wii!!!!!
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11 Responses
  1. KwOnG FeI Says:

    nice video especially CC & Wei Kiat..
    dat day i go only have 1 controller..

  2. yaya, i strongly agree to hav a Wii in home!~ haha..great exercising tools ~~ ^^ but anyway, may i know whose Wii ??? how much is it now??

  3. Charlene Says:

    @kf: hav use up to foue controller. but need to buy..hehhe...bro, buy one for me ,ok?? very excited even saw they play...hehe thinkin to hav one...bro, sponser me ya...

    @Thomas: yee san's Wii. she said bout rm700++ but some accessories need to but seperately...quite expensive also..hehe futher info, u can ask yee san...

    @ nikel: you can hav ur own one!!!hahahah

  4. cr3ap Says:

    Hehehe, Wii sure is a great new feature in the game industry. But it's still quite expensive for those who are still studying like me unless my parents got rich (Strike toto 1st prize) and get me one :D. Maybe you could buy me one also :D lol

    Regards from cr3ap

  5. Charlene Says:

    @creap: i'm still a student...cant afford also...maybe v can share to buy TOTO...hahaha

  6. chiechek Says:

    I wan Wii...hahaha...see lipton hit me... T.T

  7. lipton Says:

    kanasai, why you stand there and let me hit..
    luckily no evidence... hohoho...
    the camera just move away...
    good job, camerawoman... ;-)

  8. chiechek Says:

    got sound evidence...you can hear " piak" sound there... XD

  9. Charlene Says:

    @aiwei: it is really fun!!!

    @lipton: i can be be witness..heheee...u hit my head also le...damn pain!!!

    @ chiechek: u buy one la..then i can borrow from u...hahaha

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