A Wonderful day in Sunway Lagoon
Before I start to write anything about the sunway trip, I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Mr. Wong Kwong Fei who was the sponsor for the ticket ~ Sunway Lagoon All Park ticket. Congratulation to Mr. Wong win the adidas contest which gave us a chance to "visit" sunway lagoon. So KF has invited few people to enjoy his joy which include me, hooi hoon (ah mong), wannah, chiechek and my brother.

We planned to go to sunway for a fun in the early morning of 21/11. (Yah I know...It is pretty late for me to post it up...so sorry for the delay post...). Just back to what we did, we did plan it few days before the trip and decided to go early so can spent more time in the wonderland. However, we had delayed our trip till 11a.m. only start to travel to Sunway Lagoon. Ehem~~~!!! The reason we delayed the trip is due to chiechek who was busy to upload his video clip for the Mister Potato contest. So no choice, we all have to wait him since he was our driver :) if you all interested to see his video clip, you all can visit this link http://chiechek.blogspot.com/ and do give some support to him. So when we reach sunway it's almost 12 pm already. Then we just took a fast brunch (breakfast+lunch) before we entered the wonderland.

Here we are~~~!!! Sunway Laggon~~~!!!
Since the ticket was all park ticket which normally cost RM72 for Malaysian, we decided to go some theme parks that we never went before such as scream park, wildlife park and extreme park. First destination=> scream park.
Everyone seem like quite scare before enter to the scream park

So we did make "fun" in the scream park and all the "ghost" seem like very like or I would say attracted to hooi hoon. This had cause she scream out loudly (SOL in case of LOL) hahaha. I think most of us have lost the sound right after the scream park. Basically the scream park is not bad, it has 4 different themes in combination. You all should be try if you never try to visit it before. Next destination => wildlife park

The pond with huge and beautiful fish right beside the wildlife park

Wildlife Park (hooi hoon, me and wannah)

Excited when saw the birds (wannah and me)

chiechek and me

My brother and me

Little turtle

Muakzzz~~~!!!!So KF asked me to kiss the turtle (btw I quite scared)

What a beautiful peacock~~~!!!
Group photo in wildlife park (me, wanah, chiechek, hooi hoon and KF)
So right after the wildlife park, we went to extreme park ----> amusement park -----> water park. Unfortunately, we had to keep the camera and our stuff in the locker which cause me can not share the pictures with you all. But I think most of the people has went to this 3 parks before. It is nothing much changes as I went last time. However, as I went with different friends and people, the feeling will be different and I would say that this is a unique joy spare among us.

The photo right after enter the theme park (hooi hoon, me and wanah)

Just right after exit the theme park~~!!!

Another group photo~~~!!

Three Gals~~!!!
Three Guys~~~!!!
Three Guys with weird pose~~~~!!!

Say "Cheese" and bye to Sunway Lagoon~~~!!!
So here is the end of the sunway lagoon trip. We also did enjoy it and enjoyed our dinner later in YUAN. I will post up the dinner later if I got time. Any information regarding to the sunway lagoon, you all can visit http://www.sunwaylagoon.com/ Thanks again for reading my blog. Have a nice day~~!!!
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2 Responses
  1. KwOnG FeI Says:

    wow..so fast made the post liao..
    i haven do mine..
    good post~~
    btw, we were late..if we came earlier, we can spend more time taking pictures.. haha
    more excitement to come ..
    wish nuffnang drop me more prizes..haha

  2. Charlene Says:

    yaya...so u can belanja me!!!

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